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Career Counselling

Career Counselling differs from Careers Advice.

Whereas advice can be seen as the passing of knowledge, counselling is more about joining the person on their journey.

Consider, as an analogy, a person who is driving down the "road" of their "career" and is lost.
They pull into a layby and a career counsellor joins them with a "map book" of their career.

By careful work together they work out a destination and route (with the career counsellor explaining what the sign posts mean and helping them take the first few steps).

Career Counselling can help with areas spanning:

  • Deciding on your next, best career move
  • Helping overcome career blockages
  • Helping prepare for interviews - ensuring you really shine - this complements careers advice with simple role-play
  • Considering if starting your own business is right for you
Please also see the section on "Careers
" - as a

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