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Helping Teenagers with Career Choices

Making career choices in your teens is often a hard choice.

It can seem that there is an endless range of opportunities to choose from.

If you are lucky you may perhaps have a fixed idea almost a "vocation" like nursing or teaching and you are clear on your path and very focused on achieving it.

Often though, you might find yourself changing your mind frequently.

Its confusing and leads to difficulities with A level choices and deciding on what to do next.

If this sounds like you Inspire can help by providing a platform to discuss your career and educational choices using state of the art techniques leaving you with a "decision making tool" which will help you in the years to come.

Listen to Richard's Success Story

Initially Inspire helped Richard choose his "A" levels and university, later finding a job and exploring career prospects.
He needed the right information to make the first step. Inspire helped Richard to Learn about and understand, himself through psychometrics (tools to help explore your personality and the impact on your life).