Success Stories - Careers Advice

Listen to Daniel's Success Story

Daniel came from a strong retail background. He wanted to break the pattern of bouncing from one career to another. Inspire helped him to find a career that he would be passionate about and would fulfil him. Daniel is now excited about the future

Listen to Dave's Success Story

Inspire helped Dave find out about himself and the jobs which would suit him through using psychometrics (tools to help explore your personality and the impact on your life). Dave also needed specific help with gaining confidence at interviews.

Listen to Sam's Success Story

Inspire helped Sam start a business from scratch, gaining the key skills and developing confidence which resulted in the self belief to make it a success.

Listen to Andy's Success Story

Andy was not sure about the direction of his photography business and was concerned about the future. Inspire helped Andy by finding skills which he did not know he had and developing networking skills, resulting in a reinvigorated positive future

Listen to Tony's Success Story

Inspire helped Tony to seek new direction and a way to move forward with his career. Specifically  by improving self confidence and  building a picture of the kind of work which would suit Tony. Inspire also gave specific advice about building a CV to take to prospective employers which resulted in a new job.

Listen to Manny's Success Story

Manny was having real difficulty in finding a job after graduating. Inspire worked with Manny to address the issues and improve her CV. Within an hour of submitting her new CV Manny was invited to an interview which resulted in a job.