Inspire can provide Outplacement Services while employees are still in employment, after they leave or as a mixture of both.

If you are making an individual redundant then Inspire's Individual Programme will provide a tailored one-to-one service for that person.

Where groups of individuals are concerned Inspire's Group Programme adds to the one-to-one service by offering workshops and the opportunity to share experiences.

Providing Inspire Outplacement Services has positive effects on the "Survivors" reducing any concerns that they may be feeling. 

This could prevent their early departure and the negative impact this could have on your business.

Following an initial Needs Evaluation discussion with each individual the program is designed to suit the group by combining workshops, individual one-to-one sessions, a drop in centre (stocked with a PC, newspapers, phone, library) and inviting outside speakers (for example the local job centre, recruitment agencies, independent financial advisors and local franchise providers).

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